critically analyse the quality of evidence

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Critique template for 7118SOH Course Work 1 (CW1)
Student ID
Word Count for assignment (Max 1000 words +/- 10%)
Title of clinical guideline: AAP guideline on ADHD (as supplied) / Insert alternative guideline name here, if used:
Online source (if different to AAP guideline, otherwise leave blank):
Section One:
Provide a comment on the intended audience for this guideline (who it applies to professionally and geographically, does it include a time range of when published and when it will be reviewed etc.) Suggested Word range <200 words
Section Two:
Within the clinical guideline critically analyse the quality of evidence that is used (based on the hierarchies of evidence) and whether this is appropriate to the type of clinical issue being addressed?
Suggested Word range <500-600 words
Section Three:
Comment on the ways in which the guideline has applied the research evidence to the clinical application in practice. Does it make specific recommendations, and how would these be made to work in a clinical healthcare setting? Briefly evaluate the managerial implications of these recommendations (in terms of resource allocation, staffing etc)?
Suggested Word range < 300 words
References: (does not count towards word count)

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