critical awareness of current techniques

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Creating a 2D Map of an Unknown Environment The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are: 1. A critical awareness of current techniques used for mapping and localisation 2. A comprehensive understanding of stochastic techniques for robot mapping and localisation. 3. Demonstrate originality in the application of knowledge of robot mapping and localisation. Resources: For this assignment you will be using the PeopleBot robot (and MobileSim simulator) and the Aria C++ libraries. A program implementing a simple wandering behaviour has been created for you – use this as you starting point. You may only use the robots odometer and sonar sensors to construct the map. The robots laser range finder (SICK) and the Aria Navigation Libraries (SONARNL) should not be used. Assignment Specification: You must write a program which creates a 2D map of the robots environment (a small room or arena). The map should take one of the following forms: • A set of 2D points (co-ordinates). • A set of line segments. • An occupancy grid. It must be possible to view the map in one or more of the following ways: • As a scatter plot (Matlab, excel or openoffice) • As an image (bmp, jpeg, png, ps, pdf) • As a real-time image in using an appropriate graphics library (DirectX, OpenGl, SFML, FLTK) Your report should outline how your program constructs a map, giving all your working with diagrams and screenshots. You should also specify any additional external libraries you have used. It should include the following sections: 1) Introduction 2) Map Construction Technique 3) Software Implementation (basic overview – not a code listing) 4) Testing and Results 5) Conclusions 6) Bibliography

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