critical analysis of the role of the Nurse Practitioner

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x a Assignment 3 (2500 words) 50%
Word count: 2500 words
The assessment for this unit is based on students undertaking a critical analysis of the role of the Nurse Practitioner (NP). Students are required to discuss the specific skills and clinical challenges of the role they have chosen to their workplace. This assignment will provide students with the opportunity to explore and gain further theoretical understanding of the chosen role. Students are required to discuss the registration standards in Australia and the practice domains. In order to complete this paper, the students are required to review 7-8 referred journal articles in relation to the roles of Nurse Practitioner and they are also required to locate and utilize the websites for the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and the Australian Health Care Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) site.
Assessment 3 (Assignment 3) Criteria Introduction
Content and literature
5 to >4.0 pts 4 to >3.0 pts 3 to >2.5 pts 2.5 to >2.0 pts 2 to >0 pts HD
Evidence of Evidence of Adequately Provides Fails to exceptional relevant identifies minimal provide an understanding and knowledge and description adequate clear and adequate and describes and description description of the understanding the selected understanding and selected role. of the selected role. of the understanding role. selected role. of the selected role.
15 to >14.0 pts 14 to >11.0 pts 11 to >8.0 pts 8 to >7.5 pts 7.5 to >0 pts HD
Purpose of the Purpose of the is provided. Purpose of Purpose is not writing is very clear writing is clear. The student the writing is clear. Student and ideas flow in a The student utilizes 10 to provided. The provides less logical sequence. provides 10 to 15 relevant student than 10 The student 15 relevant academic utilizes 10 to references. provides 10 to 15 academic references in 15 relevant Uses many relevant academic references in the paper. A academic text and references in the the paper. A minimum of references in internet paper. A minimum minimum of 5- 5-7 peer the paper. A sources. Does of 5-7 peer 7 peer reviewed minimum of not use peer reviewed journal reviewed journal 5-7 peer reviewed articles are journal articles articles are reviewed and/or

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