create a pocket with island milling operation

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This tutorial describes how to create a pocket with island milling operation.
Use the same process as in Tutorial 1
1. The same components as in Tutorial 1 is to be used for several machining operations but
saved as new Process each time. To do this:
• Open the Process file from Tutorial 1.
• Select File > Save Management > Save as (save the process file from the list).
• Save the file to a different folder with a unique name.
• Close the process file from Tutorial 1 and open the newly created Process file.
• Repeat this procedure for each tutorial.
At this stage we assume that the STOCK is faced on the top plane with the PART as described in
Tutorial 2.
It will be useful to hide the STOCK at this point.
2. Expand the Process List and single click on the Manufacturing Program.1 (Figure 1)
3. Select Insert > Machining Operations > Profile Contouring
• In the Name text box enter Outer profiling.
• In the Comment enter any meaningful description.
• In the Geometry tab make sure Between Two Planes mode is selected and
change the Bottom from Hard to Soft by clicking on the parameter(Figure 2).
Figure 1
Figure 2
• In the sensitive area click on the top plane and assign top plane of the PART to it. The
sensitive area will turn green. (Figure 3)
Figure 3
• Click on the bottom plane of the sensitive area and assign the bottom of the PART to it. This
will define both, the base plane and the profile of the part (Figure 4).
Figure 4
• Check that the Guide 1 direction arrow is facing outwards (If not, click on it to reverse the
direction) (Figure 5). This effectively defines the offset of the tool telling the cutter to move
on the outside of the PARTs profile.
Figure 5
• Set the offset to -1mm to ensure that the tool clears the whole height of the PART (Figure 6)
Figure 6
4. Further parameters will depend on tooling and material used, common setting will be
• Click the Strategy tab .
Under Machining, Stepover and Finishing tabs set parameters as shown in Figure 7-9
Figure 7
Figure 8
Figure 9
• Click the Tool Assembly tab and select End Mill
Click on More>> and set the tool properties as defined in Figure 10
Figure 10
• Click the Feeds and Speeds tab and set the feeds and speeds as shown in Figure 11
Figure 11
• Click the Macro tab .
This function defines how the tool will approach the stock to start machining.
For Approach and Retract select Horizontal horizontal axial mode and change approach
distances to 30mm by double clicking the parameter (Figure 12)
Figure 12
• Activate Approach and Retract Macros by right clicking and then “Activate” (Figure 13)
Figure 13
• Click Tool Path Replay to visualize the operation.
• Click OK to add the Facing operation to the manufacturing program
Save the Process file.
Congratulations! You have completed Tutorial 3.

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