Corporations case law and Corporations

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G Assessment 3- Due week 10- (Individual assessment)-15%
Case study question: Refer to suitable Corporations case law and Corporations Act 2001 and review bellow statement:
What do the terms ‘Good faith’ and ‘best interest of the company’ mean as they are used in the Corporations Act 2001? Your answer should focus on role of corporate governance, general and fiduciary duties, breaches and remedies.
Word Limit: 2000 words Requirements: You are expected to use the academic literature to support a well-constructed argument
on the above topic. That is, you are supposed to write an annotated bibliography rather
than just descriptions and summary (please see the link below as to what is an annotated
bibliography). You must use a number of reputable academic sources outside of the prescribed text and follow the footnotes and bibliography. Marks are specifically awarded for the above. Failure to conduct adequate research or to properly acknowledge sources may result in failing the assignment or further penalties.
This assignment must be submitted through the Turnitin link for this assignment. Note: A link on the sample description of annotated bibliography from UNSW:
■Z1. final grade
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