Contextual Intelligence

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Which different definitions of “Contextual Intelligence” exist that you can apply in the area of international management (e.g. market entry/market expansion projects)?
How is “Contextual Intelligence” related toOrganizational Information Processing Theory (IPT) (e.g. Galbraith, 1973)? Specifically, address the following questions:
Which role does the “fit concept” of IPT play in “Contextual Intelligence”?
What kind of information gathering & processing capacities can companies today leverage to improve their “Contextual Intelligence” about emerging markets? Please list at least 10 different information sources that can improve a company’s “Contextual Intelligence”.
How is “Contextual Intelligence” related to the DIKW model (data, information, knowledge, wisdom)? Specifically, how can companies foster wisdom among their executives and employees to improve their “Contextual Intelligence” for internationalization projects? In order to answer this question, you need to carefully think about how wisdom (in a management context) is developed.

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