Construct a class model

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Construct a class model for the manufacturing company described below. Your model must show: • classes • named relationships between classes • multiplicity of associations Do not show attributes and methods of classes. The El-cheapo Widget Company produces 14 different kinds of widgets. A widget is assembled by a worker from various parts. Different kinds of widget are made from different sets of parts. Some of the parts are purchased from suppliers while other parts are made by El-cheapo. El-cheapo ships its widgets to both individual customers and retail shops. Individual customers pay before delivery, while commercial (retail) customers are sent an invoice with their delivery and must pay their account within 30 days.
2. [8 marks] Sequence diagram Draw a sequence diagram that depicts the process of using an automated teller machine (ATM) to withdraw money from your back account. Assume that the balance in the account is sufficient for the transaction. The ATM communicates with the Banking System to check and update account balances. Use the following actors and objects: • The customer • The ATM • The Banking System with which the ATM communicates

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