Configure Security Group

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9:22 PM –4G+draull33APICASIA PACIFICINTERNATIONAL COLLEGEStep 6: Configure Security GroupSecurity group name: GroupFirstnamel Firstnamel (example: GroupBobAlice)Description: Security group for Lastnamel Lastname2Step 7: Review Instance LaunchIn this assessment you will not log into your instance, so you do not require a key pair.Choose an existing key pair take a snapshotShow Instance State: runningStatus Checks: 2/2 checks passed (Take a snapshot)Task 2: Monitor Your Instance (Student-ID2)Enable detailed (one-minute) monitoring.Get System Log, wait until it populates then take a snapshotIn this task you will not reach your instance via SSH or RDP, you can capture a screenshotof your instance and view it as an image. This provides visibility as to the status of theinstance and allows for quicker troubleshooting.Task 3: Update Your Security Group and Access the Web Server (Student-ID2)Take a screenshot of your IPv4 Public IP of your instance to your report.Question: Check if you can access your webserver; are you able to access your web server?Why not?Task 4: Resize Your Instance: Instance Type and EBS Volume (Student-ID2)Stop Your InstanceChange The Instance TypeResize the EBS VolumeStart the Resized InstanceTask 5: Explore EC2 Limits (Student-ID1)What are the limits of your default account?Task 6: Test Termination Protection (Student-ID2)Task 7: Terminate your EC2 instance (Student-ID2)Assessments 4 Marking Criteria and RubricThe assessment will be marked out of 100 for a weighting of 30% of the total unit mark. Themarking criteria and rubric are shown on the following page.SydneyLevel Gawiam StreetParramatta NW210P613192100Emailait programs apicolingen.apicologenMelbourne399 LesteMetoume VICIPhone 5S 583Emait programs apicole of 15TIL

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