Completing Your Assignment

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Name of tutor Unit learning outcomes Able toyour knowledge and understanding of contemporat, social
Lynne Reynolds
Completing Your Assignment
What am I required to do in this assignment?
Fins assignment asks you to write an essay based on the content discussed in your assignment one presentation, which you will submit online via the EMA system on BRED.
Step I: Conduct some reading and write/rewrite notes from your reading ,use these notes (no more than 200 words) to help you complete the type written essay. Before submitting your typed written essay, based on what you have read and using your notes, you will need to complete the following steps: Step 3: In your own words briefly describe one strength of one sociological theory Step 4: In your own words describe one weakness of this theory Step 5: Ensure that your work is structured into a clear beginning (introduction), middle (main body) and ending (conclusion). Step 6: Ensure that you arc using appropriate sentence and paragraph structure to your work. Step 7: Proof read your work one final time prior to submission.
gi there a size limit?
1.200 words in total GOO words of not. and 1,000 words essay) submitted as one document
What do I need to do to pass?
You need to demonstrate that you can
explain one contemporary social issue by reflecting on what different writers have said. examine a contemporary social issue by using arguments from sociological theory You can examine the logic of the arguments put forward by sociologists. For example, you can describe the strengths and weaknesses of sociological theory.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
This will be discussed funher in the online lecture/tutorials but you should ensure that you follow all insWCtions in this assignment brief. You should also read the marking criteria at the end of this document so that you know what it is that the marking team is looking for in order to award a grade which merits your efforts and work.
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
Each week you will develop your knowledge and understanding of a variety of contemporary social issues and how a number of sociological theories attempt to explain these issues. By drawing on your lecture notes, your reading and your groups presentation you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of a variety of different writers and their explanations on a contemporary social issue. This helps to build your skills of researching a topic, reading academic literature, creating notes, keeping to a timed assessment and developing your knowledge on key theories that will help you throughout your course.
Submitting your Assignment
When do I need to hand it in? The final deadline is 10.00am on 7th May 2021
What exactly do I need to submit?
Your notes and the essay that you completed

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