Competing Through Marketing

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Competing Through Marketing
Semester B 2021
Assignment Two – Time constrained test
28th/29th April 2021 – 9.00 am – 22.00 pm
This assignment is worth 70% of your overall mark for the module
Please answer two questions.    You should submit by 22.00 pm on 29th April 2021 via Canvas. All questions should be answered with appropriate theoretical underpinning and must be fully referenced. You should ensure that you illustrate your answers with examples from real organisations. This is an individual assignment. It is open book.  
Word count: approx. 750-1,000 per question
Organisations today face a wide range of challenges in an increasingly competitive global market (Kodama, 2017). Critically evaluate the requirement of all businesses to engage in continuous improvement and new product development if they wish to sustain a competitive advantage.
With reference to the report chosen by your group assignment, critically evaluate whether, according Loy et al (2012), the continuing success of the fast fashion industry is sustainable in the light of ethical issues, and whether the young consumer, so conscious of green values, can balance their need for ever-newer fashion with their commitment to environmental sustainability?
It has been argued (Yankelovich and Meer, 2006) that the weakening predictive power of demographics means that demographic segmentation is no longer the best way to segment the market. Critically analyse this contention, and using examples from the fast food industry, consider how fast food companies are using different segmentation approaches, and how this impacts their targeting and positioning strategies.
Kim (2019) suggests that quite a few luxury fashion brands do not sell online, yet as luxury consumers become younger and more technology savvy, it becomes increasingly important for luxury brands to consider their approach to e-luxury (online luxury), especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Critically discuss the potential of luxury e-commerce, and consider how luxury values and experiences can be managed in an online environment.
With increasingly crowded and competitive markets, the importance of strong brand associations to differentiate the brand from its competitors becomes ever more important (Keller and Lehmann, 2006). For a brand of your choice critically analyse how it has achieved a distinct brand positioning to achieve a competitive advantage.
Covid-19 has created formidable challenges for organisations as they try to make their marketing messages heard in a disruptive world. The disappearance of many channels related to live events and conferences, plus the barriers to face-to-face business means a heavier reliance on digital channels. Critically evaluate how marketers can communicate effectively in a post Covid-19 world.

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