company invested its annual marketing budget

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Imagine your company invested its annual marketing budgetin a Snapchat campaign and only found out later that traffic isradically shifting away from that platform: Campaigns easilyfail when they don’t keep the larger business objectives intheir focusA strategy is a direction towards a goal, whereas digital effortscan be seen as the tactics to support this strategy. But splittingup the marketing department into a digital and traditionalteam does not make sense. A unit, on the other hand,eliminates duplication and allows marketers to focus on theconsumer instead of the media channel. In order to keep upwith today’s customers’ expectations, businesses have todigitally transform their entire business.Marketing should be driven bybusiness strategy – ‘Digital’ isjust tacticsPost: Marketing should be driven by business strategy – ‘…Page 1 of 5 pagesDigital transformation is not just a new website or a platform for sales or customerservice. Instead, transformation involves redesigning processes, strategies, businessmodels, and even culture to take full advantage of new capabilities offered by digitalmediums and technologies. Let’s take a look at a business example:BURBERRYBurberry was facing the impacts of a worn-out business strategy. A brand that wassupposed to be a luxury brand, lost its value and uniqueness due toits ubiquitousness.Customer Experience:In 2012, Burberry opened a new flagship store in London. It provided a cutting-edgedigital experience to “blur the lines between digital and physical shoppingexperiences.” Customers were able to use their phones to identify items to save totheir online checkout account. This was state-of-the-art to customers at that time.Digital and social media, as well as analytics capabilities, were being used tounderstand changes in consumer behaviour.There’s no such thing as a digital team “Mark Ritson, award-winning columnist, marketing professor and marketing consultantPost: Marketing should be driven by business strategy – ‘…Page 2 of 5 pagesIt is not possible to export ‘Authentic Branding for a Global Audience: Angela Ahrendts(Future of StoryTelling 2013).mp4′ here, the file type is not supported in PDF.Former BURBERRY CEO Angela Ahrendts on Digital Storytelling and transforming BURBERRY to a digitally enhanced business terms of new product development in personal accessories, the company set astrong focus on customisable products, like a customisable Scarf Bar it launched inapparel. Simultaneously, open architectures, automation, and enhancedmonitoring led to more efficient work processes for employees.Business Model:Burberry is known for its British heritage. Integrating this tradition into a technologyled strategy is not easy. The company managed to combine the traditional catwalkwith tech-features and tweeting in real-time. Burberry focused on innovation anddigital marketing with personal accessories. The company successfully integrated itsdigital presence with its store network. Moreover, Burberry started selling via digitalcontent such as shoppable videos and digital third-party websites like Instagram andTwitter. Internally, the company now uses smart solutions with built-in securityintelligence. Those can self-heal, be proactive, and correlate events.Post: Marketing should be driven by business strategy – ‘…Page 3 of 5 pagesSuccessful transformation needs leadership. If employees don’t understand yourintentions, how should your customers? Every digital transformation starts with astrategy which is well communicated andworks across silosoffers a strong digital cultureimplements a well-formed plan on where to go for which goalsBurberry had the resources to take a strong leader on board who guided thecompany successfully through a disruptive time. Other businesses missed to jump onthe bandwagon to transform digitally. Leadership, as well as timing, are key in asuccessful transformation process. The entire process was therefore led by thebusiness strategy – nevertheless, “digital” was the tools it had been done with.To benefit, businesses need strategic leadership, “otherwise they are just playing with the toolsPost: Marketing should be driven by business strategy – ‘…Page 4 of 5 pages541 wordsSources:Burberry UK (2019) (2013) (2019) (2019) Marketing should be driven by business strategy – ‘…Page 5 of 5 pages

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