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CHM601 Assessment 1 Report due Week 5. Page 1 of 5
Subject Code and Name
CHM601 Contemporary Hotel Marketing
Assessment 1 Individual ReportReport on Situational Analysis for Hospitality Business
Individual Report.
2,000-2,500 words
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following subject learningoutcomes:a. Identify and understand the critical elements in theplanning and execution of an applied marketingresearch based project to investigate and solvemarketing problems;b. Exhibit a contemporary understanding of existing andemerging marketing methodologies including thoserelating to branding, advertising and promotion,digital media, consumer behaviour, relationshipmarketing and strategy developmentc. Exhibit an understanding of the global environmentand dynamic marketing trendsd. Participate in team decision making and planning todetermine and plan effective marketing strategieswithin specific environments and resourcese. Produce persuasion based marketing programs usingall elements of the marketing mix across multi-mediaand design interactive communication subjectsf. Develop a set of criteria to continuously monitormarketing opportunities, to measure marketingsuccess and to determine strategic adjustments inaccordance with organisational objectives.
By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Wednesday Week 5.
Total Marks
100 marks
Assessment Type
Learning Outcomes
Individual ReportMarket Research(2500 words)
Week 5
a, b, c, e, f
CHM601 Assessment 1 Report due Week 5. Page 2 of 5
Group ReportMarketing Plan(4,500 words)Made up as follows:• Weekly in classactivities – 5 weeksindividual.2% eachweek.• Group MarketingPlan
Weeks 11Weeks 5-9Week 11
a, b, c, d, e, f
Group Presentation
Weeks 10
a, b, c, d, e, f
Assessment One Part 1.Submission InstructionsYour Scenario:You are working in a case hotel provided to you by your Lecturer. The long-term General Managerhas retired and been replaced last minute, by a senior executive from your Tokyo sister property.You have been assigned the task of preparing a situation analysis report of the business andmarketing environment for your property for your newly arrived General Manager.Background Context:A Situation AnalysisEach property and each customer in hospitality is unique.Before developing a marketing strategy, it is important to conduct a situation analysis to determinethe health of your business. This analysis serves as a useful tool for determining your business’strengths and weaknesses, and any opportunities and threats (SWOT) that can affect its health.A situation analysis involves the process of environmental scanning, which can be a formalmechanism within a firm, or merely the result of individuals within the organisation monitoringchanges in the environment. “When marketing managers consider changes in marketing strategy ortactics, they often examine the changes in five major marketing environments: competitive,economic, political and legal; social and technological. Firms cannot directly influence their externalenvironments, but they can monitor changes and be somewhat proactive.” Reid, R.D., & Bojanic,D.C., Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition, Wiley Publishers. Chapter 2.Successful hospitality companies know the vital importance of constantly watching and adapting tothe changing environment. The marketing environment offers both opportunities and threats. TheMacroenvironment are the larger societal forces that affect the entire environment and are definedas any force outside of a company’s employees, leadership, and business strategy, that can affect anorganization’s performance and can be considered an external influence.Reid, R.D., & Bojanic, D.C., Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition, Wiley PublishersCHM601 Assessment 1 Report due Week 5. Page 3 of 5Format and content of this report will be as follows:BMIHS Cover pageIntroductionThe introduction should give a brief background of your hotel and its history in the city. Then youshould foreshadow the elements you are about to cover in your report and why a situation analysisis important to business and marketing planning.External EnvironmentEnvironmental Scanning (situation analysis) is keeping a watching brief on factors that may be issuesthat lay outside of the organisations direct control however, youneed to be aware of them and the potential impacts.Political & Legal visas, taxes, government support for tourismEconomic – interest rates, CPI, exchange ratesSocial & Cultural – lifestyles, cultural diversityTechnology- new technologies affecting businessEnvironmental – more attention is being paid toenvironmental issues-efficient use of resources, energymanagement or pollution control; can have a direct impact onthe organisations bottom-line and its reputation. Please notethis element could also be addressed under political and legalas governments and councils are being more proactive inregulating on such issues. It can also be considered as aneconomic factor.Source:P.Rix, McGraw HillCompetitive Analysis – who are your competitive set what do they do well and what do they do badly?What is the present state of the hospitality industry in your city? Are there any new properties underconstruction?Commercial Partners – suppliers and distributors of the business – things like additional governmentfunding for say Tourism Australia or Destination NSW or Tourism Victoria may result in more fundsfor cooperative campaigns.Market & Consumer Research – market segmentation- what segments are visiting your city– whereare the travelers coming from? What do arrival statistics look like? What are the trends in hoteloccupancy? What new products or experiences are emerging in the destination and what are the keymarket segments you are focusing on and what do you know about them.Conclusion- summary of key information presented in your report.ReferencesRemember do not just state information provide a reputable source and present clear succinct andrelevant information and analysis.Essential Text and Materials:Reid, R.D., & Bojanic, D.C., Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition, Wiley Publishers.The assessment has been prescribed to develop the student’s ability to identify and evaluate factorsCHM601 Assessment 1 Report due Week 5. Page 4 of 5that can affect marketing planning and business operations.Please also note additional articles relevant to this Assessment will be posted under Assessment onBlackboard and in class discussions will assist students to develop the key information for thissubmission.Submission Instructions:• The assessment requires the student to read broadly and to be abreast of current issuesusing various sources of marketing intelligence. Undertake independent research.• Students should read the above chapters from assigned text and search out additionalacademic text to explain the role of situation analysis in marketing planning.• Give evidence of understanding the various sources of marketing information available todetermine trends. Use the subscriptions and recommended reading sites.• Suggested structure/format for this report is provided within this Assessment Brief.• Report to be typed 1.5 spacing and formatted following the Assessment Structure usingheadings and subheadings – referencing the Style Guide and uploaded to Turn-it-in on timeof the due date, in electronic form as a word-processed file to• Use headings and subheadings within the report and number your pages.• Students must refer, in text, to a minimum of 12 academic and professional articles, plusothers as required, in order to show competency in the assessment.• All referencing must be in accordance with APA 6th Edition Referencing and Academic WritingGuide.• A school assessment cover sheet to be attached with your paper.• Complete and attach a plagiarism form.Please see marking rubrics requirements for this assessment. Make sure you have not omitted anyelements that will gain you marks refer to the marking rubrics. Please re read and check thatsentence structure makes sense, that grammar is correct and word choices are accurate. Resourcesavailable to you include Studiosity, Blackboard Online Learning Facilitator or your own independentsources such as Grammerly.Completed Assessment should be loaded onto to Turnitin by 11.55pm Wednesday Week 5.Lecturer Feedback and comments will be posted on Turnitin in Comments section.Learning Rubric: Assessment One Part 1 -CHM601 Contemporary Hotel Marketing.
Assessment Criteria
Distinction(Advanced)75 -84%
High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%
Quality of introductionand conclusion 15%(a,c)
Insufficient introduction &conclusion
Satisfactory introduction &conclusion.
Good introduction &conclusion
Superior introduction &conclusion
Excellent introduction &conclusion
Situation Analysisaddresses all elementsRequired 25% (a,c)
Poor understanding of therole of situational analysis.Limited synthesis andanalysis
Demonstrates limitedawareness of context and/orpurpose of the assignment
Demonstrates consistentawareness of contextand/or purpose of theassignment. Demonstratesa capacity to explain andapply relevant concepts.
Demonstrates an advanced andintegrated understanding ofcontext and/or purpose of theassignment. Demonstrates acapacity to explain and applyrelevant concepts.
Consistently demonstrates asystematic and criticalunderstanding of context andpurpose of the assignment.
Identified criticalinformation andpresented effectiveoverview (a,c,f).30%
Limited or no discussion ofappropriate environmentalfactors and their impacts onthe marketing process.
Adequate discussion ofappropriate environmentalfactors and their impacts onthe marketing process.
Good discussion ofappropriate environmentalfactors and their impacts onthe marketing process.
Superior discussion ofappropriate environmentalfactors and their impacts on themarketing process.
Excellent discussion ofappropriate environmentalfactors and their impacts on themarketing process.
Used appropriatesources of informationQuality research15%(a,c,d)
Limited evidence of readingand referencing to supportreport. Informationpresented unsubstantiated.Inconsistent use of goodquality, credible and relevantresources to support.
Satisfactory evidence ofreading and referencing.Literature is presenteduncritically. Demonstrates useof credible and relevantresources to support anddevelop report.
Good evidence of readingand referencing.Supports personal opinionand informationsubstantiated by evidencefrom the research/coursematerials.
Superior evidence of reading andreferencing. Discriminatesbetween assertion of personalopinion and informationsubstantiated by robust evidencefrom the research/coursematerials and extended reading.
Systematically discriminatesinformation which issubstantiated by robust evidencefrom the research/coursematerials and extended reading.Information is taken from sourceswith a high level of interpretationto develop a comprehensivecritical analysis.
Effective clearCommunicationOverall quality ofpresentation,grammar, and use ofheadings andreferencing15%
Difficult to understand foraudience, no logical/clearstructure, poor flow of ideas,argument lacks supportingevidence. Audience cannotfollow the line of reasoning.Poor structure and clarity ofexpression. Requiresassistance.
Information, arguments andevidence are presented in away that is not always clearand logical. Line of reasoning isoften difficult to follow.Satisfactory standard ofwriting, presentation andstructure.
Information and evidenceare well presented, mostlyclear flow of ideas. Line ofreasoning is easy to follow.Good standard of writing,presentation and structure.
Information and evidence arevery well presented; thepresentation is logical, clear andwell supported by evidence.Superior standard of writingpresentation and structure.
Expertly presented; thepresentation is logical,persuasive, and well supported byevidence, demonstrating a clearflow of ideas. Excellent standardof writing, presentation &structure.
CHM601 Assessment Brief 1 Report due Week 5 Page 5 of 5

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