childhood temperament and behavioral development

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Write an essay about childhood temperament and behavioral development that covers the following points:
1. A definition and description of temperament (about 250 words).
2. Discuss the key aspects of nature and nurture that may explain individual differences in children’s temperamental characteristics. Include comment on what the “active child theme” suggests about how children’s temperamental characteristics affect their environment
(about 550 words).
3. Discuss the role of temperament in social adjustment and maladjustment. Include comment on the role of “goodness of fit” and “differential susceptibility.” (about 700 words).
Word limit: 1500 words
The key references for the essay are:
(a) The following sections from the Siegler et al. text. Chapter one: themes 1, 2 & 6 in child development; chapter 10: section on temperament; chapter 12: section on the child’s influence on parenting.
(b) Gillibrand, R., Lam, V., & O’Donnell, V.L. (2016). Developmental Psychology, pages 280-282 (What is temperament), pages 304 to 309 (Temperament in the long term). These pages are available on Canvas.
Use APA style for within text referencing and your reference list.
Further essay writing guidelines will be provided in tutorials and on Canvas.

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