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Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting theassignment:This assignment covers lectures from Lesson no. 01 to Lesson no. 13Last date for submission of Assignment 01 is 8/11/2016.Your answer should be relevant and to the point.Provide complete working of the assignment.Don’t rely only on handouts, use other reference books also.Make sure that you upload the solution before due date. No solution willbe accepted through E-mail after due date.Cheating or copying is strictly prohibited; No credit will be given tocopied assignment.Once you upload the assignment on LMS, it will not be replaced in anycondition.You are required to attempt the assignment in MS Word format. Theassignment attempted in any other format shall be marked ZERO. Question: The income statement and balance sheet data of two companies aresummarized below.Company X Company YSales Rs. 700,000 (d)Net income Rs. 29,000 Rs. 31,000Total assets Rs. 300,000 (e)Total asset turnover (a) (f)Net Profit margin (b) 0.5%Return on total assets (c) 1%Requirement:Fill in the missing information and show your complete working. No credit willbe givento just final answers. Justify it your work

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