Central Intelligence Agency

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The C.I.A. triangle refers to Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. It is based on the three most critical characteristics of information system.
What does each component mean? Please elaborate. Do not copy and paste the definition directly from web. 6pt
What usually happens when each component is ignored? Use detailed examples to illustrate each scenario. 9pt
This is NOT the Central Intelligence Agency.
To answer the questions you may need to do some background research on the Internet. After understanding those characteristics, type your answers in Word program with your own words (not copy/paste).
Complete this assignment in essay style (constructive paragraphs and citations). Please use BA style on the home page as your guideline.
Minimum one full page (default font, font size and single spacing) is required for this assignment.
The points are given based on the quality of your searches and answers. Please elaborate on each question.
Save your file as week 10 assignment and upload to Desire2Learn. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the file is uploaded successfully before the deadline (check submission column in the Assignment area).
For this assignment I am looking for the following:
Demonstration of your understanding of the CIA and the connection of each component.
Your ability to identify and illustrate the problems when each component is ignored.
Proper citation (Chicago style) at the end.

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