Cardiac syndromes

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1.During the secondary assessment, breath sounds are present with inspiratory crackles and slight expiratory wheezing. The abdomen is unremarkable, the pelvis is stable, and there are no deformities or evidence of trauma to the extremities. The extremities are cool and diaphoretic. The peripheral pulses are palpable. The patient’s medical history includes CHF and diabetes, for which he takes furosemide (Lasix), potassium, and regular insulin shots. He replies with a “no” when you ask him whether he has any allergies or any other complaints. His last oral intake was 4 and consisted of fruit at breakfast. The blood pressure is 138/72 mmHg, heart rate is still tachycardic, and his respirations are 28 per minute.
a. As you complete your differential diagnosis, from which two cardiac syndromes do you think this patient could be suffering?
b. The following is his three-lead ECG tracing. What is your interpretation?

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