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Case Study data on the operations of Luton Town Residences (LTR)
Luton Town Residences – Business Systems Data (Version-2)
Make sure you read through the Assessment Brief first to understand the task set before reading this
document. Please note that this is simulated rather than real data – do not use internet research to find
additional information, instead share your concerns and ask questions in the online ‘Discussion Forum’ or
email to
This is Version-1 of this document (LTR Case Study), it will evolve and change over the course of the unit,
particularly between Assessment-1 and Assessment-2 – always check on BREO if you are using the most recent
version for each assessment.
Luton Town Residences (LTR) is a Housing Association operating in Luton with the mission to
provide appropriate housing for local community with a particular focus on providing assistance
and support to vulnerable individuals. LTR operates from a central office suite located in the Luton
Town Centre but also own and manage several distinct housing blocks, split into General Purpose
Housing and Supported Housing.
General Purpose Housing
 Four housing blocks in various locations across Luton, each with an individual management
Supported Housing
 Emergency hostel for single young people aged 16-25
 Transitional flats for 16 to 18 years old leaving care
 Two hostels for young mothers aged 16 to 25
LTR has separate departments for General Purpose Housing and Supported Housing.
The General Purpose Housing department is run via separate distinct functional teams within the
organisation, each responsible for tracking and managing issues within their own area. There is a
finance team, a facilities maintenance team and a customer service team. When residents have
an issue or problem, they first contact the customer service team and then are passed onto relevant
members of the other teams if needed.
Each team currently uses a separate system to retain and track information within their functional
areas, using emailed requests to exchange information when requested, often in the form of
attached Word and Excel documents. The finance team uses primarily Excel spreadsheets, Word
documents and a specialised Sage One Accounting, there is also a shared folder on the company
Sharepoint server, with restricted access to non-authorised employees. The facilities maintenance
team uses a specialist cloud-based system called 360Facility to manage their facilities. Only the
Facilities maintenance team has access to 360Facility. The customer services team uses a mixture
of Excel spreadsheets for keeping data for each of the four housing blocks alongside Word and plain
text documents to keep track of current and solved issues with individual residents.
The Supported Housing department also uses functional teams with similar systems to manage
their facilities but also assigns a Personal Coach to each resident to assess their individual needs
and to arrange support services where required. The Personal Coaches are responsible for keeping
confidential and sensitive information about their residents in secure password-protected Word
documents on company laptops that only they and the Supported Housing Team Leader have access
to. This confidential and sensitive information is not shared with any of the other functional teams.
These documents are only kept on the relevant company laptops with regular backups onto a secure
hard-drive that is kept in the main Luton Town Centre office in a locked room.
Staff Numbers
Finance Team: 10 staff
Facilities Maintenance Team: 8 staff
Customer Service Team: 15 staff
Supported Housing Personal Coaches: 15 staff
General Administration Staff: 8 staff
Senior Management Team: 10 staff
Organisational communication
Most communication within LTR occurs using email, with several employees complaining about the
difficulty in managing the large volumes of email sent and received every day.
Organisation-wide information is shared through daily newsletters, which are emailed to everyone
at LTR every morning. Key information shared here often is missed or ignored by employees, which
necessitates managers to send reminder emails directly to employees after the newsletter has been
The customer services team in particular has complained about difficulty in getting responses to
emailed requests for information to other teams, often resulting in residents having to wait several
There are company laptops issued to some employees, mostly Personal Coaches working with
Supported Housing residents, but all other employees have access to their own PC, with a local
storage area that they manage themselves and access to a Sharepoint drive that is managed
centrally. The Sharepoint drive is mostly used by the Finance team to ensure access and version
control for key financial documents.
Dr Nasrullah Khilji
(Unit Coordinator)

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