Business Research Methods

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Assessment 2: Group Assessment Part A: Questionnaire development 20% Due: Friday Week 9, 11.30 pm
In pars, clesgn a guestonnatre to address the follomng management problem
Carona,. presents a number of diallenges to mar.. and policy makers. As consumers take protective actions against the vies, their healthfrancial concerns and behavioural ackustrnerts still continue to have an enormous social and economic impact. In affected areas, ne are already observing drastic changes in consumer behaviour suth as buk-buying, a surge in low contact commerce, and coved avoidance. Coronavrus has caused *leaver. creating unstable envirorments around the word As the ct.sease spreads, so does instability Mh other areas beaming trcenain, subject to change and opera, whoui farmlar aimed and predictable patterns. Pecole are adapt, to the,r changing, unsialie envionments and making cifferent demons, as Murphy, Naert, and Strong (2020) sued consumer decsionmaking and behaviour change MI rapidly adept based on a range of Individual and contextual characteristics Previous studies eiso portray e,ernems that dm, behavior and behavioural champ. Homver. the contexklountrazon fa this is faidarrentally shaken. How, _Id trim can no longer depend on automate behaviours. as they may reflect a mastery of a past -c sus. We now need to think about brand management in terms of shrtng context and be,avour change. When Me context and pattern ei which people Mee changes, brands should ask themselves how they can respond and add value in ktt of this new reality. This study therefore aims to explore the factors such as Physical context (e.g. channels ( movemem restrictions), Social context (e.g. norms and cultural influence), Processing (e.g. framing & integrating new information), Motivation (e.g. emotion & identity), Experience and Perceived risks that impact on Adaptive Decision-MalcMg and in sum influences Customer behaviour in the cornea of COVID.19 Crisis A 0,..antiative method research will be applied using a guestorrarre survey vath customers
Design a survey guestionnree with a minimum of 10 and a raskimum of 20 questions to gather data to address the management problem. Use a mix of open and closed Question ham its. At least one of your duestrons must employ a replicable soak — a scale that has previously been tested in the academic iterature relating to consumer behaviors and found to be retiede and valid. Ensure your guestonnaire has a brief introducton to dorm respondents as to the pirpose of the research
In addition, m pairs toss a brief 1000 word report explainng the structure of the cax•stonnare and the steps your group took in designing n to address the rnanagermnt problem.
In Week 9 (Friday, 11.30 pm) submit trough the Assessment Dropbox on Vt.1 Collaborate the folloWng documents in separate hies:
• Assignment cover sheet (signed Declaration); • Questionnaire • Brief report

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