business-environmentalism relationships

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Spring -2021
Midterm Examination
Sustainable Business
Open Book Exam.
[Time: 1 hour & 10 minutes]
Attempt all questions (Total 20 marks)
[Marks will be awarded according to clarity and logical presentation of answers]
Question 1:
How would you describe the trends in business-environmentalism relationships? [3]
The environment is seen by the company as an expense since they normally spend a great deal in environmental management in order to explore petroleum-sand regions. In the other hand, he sees the world as a resource for business activities like sand oil water and other externalities. Environmentalism sees a company as a danger to the environment, such as industrial effluents, waste management, CO2 emission oil, trap heat, global warming and climate change and biotic and a biotic on earth. The environment is a threat to the environment. However, for those who generate green energies, such as biodiesel or energy efficient products and services, climate change and renewable energy are a business opportunity.
What are the key ‘periods’ in the evolution of ‘environment and business’ [2]
1. Compliance
2. Beyond Compliance: stake holders involvement
3. Eco efficiency
4. Sustainable development
Question 2:
Suppose you are a Manager of renowned company, do you think that your company should adopt sustainable business practices? Why? [2]
Yes, because there are government regulations, the value for the driver, how much efficiency is gained, the reduction of risks o future regulations by voluntary industrial standards, using green marketing or sustainable marketing to improve your reputation and public image, there is nothing personal because business is business and finally you are in a business to employ.
What are the strategies and corporate payoff that are stated in the ‘sustainable value framework’? [2]
It is basically a key way of telling what global challenges awaits and how are they associated with sustainability. With that data and information, you will analyze and identify new strategies and plans to a more sustainable future for the world and your community. Of course, you will be raising the stake holders’ value. All this you must see through your business lens and patience is also key. All this leads to Win-Win situation with the stakeholders.
Question 3:
Mr. Robert is a chief sustainability officer of ‘Ørsted’ Danish multinational power company, what are the elements of voluntary environmental initiatives can he consider to improve corporate environmental performance? [2]
Well firstly he has to adopt an environmental management system, adopt specific pollution techniques, constantly check their environmental performance report non-compliance to regulator and promptly correct the problem, also hire third party auditors to check compliance with program requirements, shar data with external stakeholders on environmental performance regulatory compliance, Involve external stakeholders in environmental managements decisions and lastly demonstrate beyond compliance with environment regulation.
State the relevant passages of Business Charter for Sustainable Development (BCSD) that you have learned from the lesson [3]
BCSD shows that a firm should continue to strive to change its business policies and programmed Process of improvement. Training, education and empowering workers for employees and organizations should be continued. Before starting a new activity or project, business should evaluate environmental impact. like integrated management, process improvement, contractors and suppliers, compliance and reporting and finally the global reporting initiative.
Question 4: Case Study Questions
Reread the case titled ‘Sustainable Business Entrepreneurship: Simply Green Biofuels’and answer the following questions:
Outline the motivations of the entrepreneur Andrew Kellar in starting the sustainable business Simply Green Biofuels [2]
-In the case of Andrew, it started with a personal change, and that personal change led him into biofuels, then was time when Andrew and his wife received a call from Florida department of children and families, there where 3 young children who needed a home, Andrew accepted and given his new parenting role and responsibility made him think about how he could make this place better for his children and the society and mostly everyone basically. That is when he decided to start the business.
Identify the key challenges faced by Andrew Kellar [2]
Recognize the key challenges confronted by Andrew Kellar ] The first—entering an set up, mature2home warming oil industry—was aiming to be greatly troublesome. Tim told Andrew, “Nobody begins a fuel commerce these days. I cruel, the most youthful fuel company in this zone is 10 or 12 a long time old.” Fuel conveyance to homes was a challenging industry to urge into since customarily they were multigenerational businesses with exceptionally steadfast clients. There was no simple arrangement to this challenge.
Andrew was basically willing to require a jump of faith and attempt to assist change the industry by advertising a unused item into the commercial center. Not as it were was Andrew entering a develop industry, but he was entering an industry that he had no encounter in. Whereas his hydro-seeding trade had given him with involvement in a service-based industry and involvement running a commerce, he did not have involvement in fuel obtainment and conveyance.
Another challenge was capital. Any modern trade or trade development faces this challenge—access to satisfactory capital. Basically Green was way better situated, in terms of budgetary position, than numerous other modern businesses. Its modern trade extension might be in portion self-funded. Andrew Kellar, not at all like numerous other business people, was blessed to have the hydro-seeding trade, which, at the time, was one of the biggest within the locale and was creating positive net income of around $100,000 every year.
Reread the case titled ‘Marketing Sustainability: Seventh Generation Creating a Green Household Consumer Product’ and answer the following question:
Outline the core and driving its marketing plans in the company’s mission [2]
Its driving force which leads the organization goal is to empower customers to have a constructive outcome for the planet and individual’s wellbeing through shopping decisions. The organization also wanted to change the offer in the espresso business from minimal effort to share worth creation. Meeting buyers would be helpful and beneficial for the business since it tends to social and natural effects of the industry. Green Mountain the board has utilized accomplishing maintainability in its items and practices to their upper hand. As the organization organizer announces, “Our prosperity keeps on being established in our comprehensive plan of action of making an uncommon drink insight for clients and buyers, in a socially and earth dependable way, prompting maintainable money related success. “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
The End

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