building health apps for commercial

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Briefing sheet and response sheet
Please put your responses in the answer boxes below and when you have finished, submit this document to the assignment.
It is important to remember that this is an individual piece of work:
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You must work on your own and must not involve anyone else in this assignment work.
A software consultancy specialising in building health apps for commercial and non-commercial clients has been awarded a contract by the government to build a contact tracing app. The contact tracing app alerts users when they have been in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19.
(a) 10 marks   Word limit: 300 words
Bearing in mind that this is not a personal view, what ethical concerns would you have about this work? Using the Ethical OS toolkit, identify ONE risk zone that is most applicable to the case study above, and justify the reason for your choice.
(b) 10 marks Word limit: 300 words    
Taking a deontological viewpoint, what are the key ethical considerations? Justify the reasons for your choice.
(c) 10 marks Word limit: 300 words  
Analyse how the ACM code of conduct can be applied to the case above.

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