broader idea of linking space to the spectacle

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The paper should be anywhere between 10-12 pages including a bibliography (use a 12- point font – calibri or arial; double-spaced, and 1-inch borders all around).
The topic I will be exploring in my essay is focused around the broader idea of linking space to the spectacle with regards to the emergence of the modern day mall and the department stores. In my essay, I will be comparing the Department stores with the modern day malls while arguing some of the questions and topics such as; How is space used for spectacle? Does space play a role in developing a specific culture for people and how? How did the spectacle created by the department store demand viewership and how has the mall blown that out of proportion?
I will further be arguing how the modern day mall is different from the department stores? What does it signify? What is the significance of space in a mall? Does the mall create a kind of cultural identity like the department stores did?
To explore this idea of the modern day day mall, I will compare the malls in America to the malls in India. I have chosen this topic because since I was a child, I have seen malls evolve in different parts of India. I have also travelled out of India and it has been a huge learning experience to observe the difference in the malls in India and the ones abroad. I have always been fascinated with the idea of who goes to malls in India? Has that changed over the past years? And why? How did the birth of malls start in India? Is it an imitation of the malls in America? Are the mall going consumers different in India to that of America? I will also be addressing some personal questions that I have always been curious about like why is it that most upper class people in India shop abroad? Apart from the latest trends, what is it that the Indian malls lack and how can they overcome this? How does society play a role in this matter?
I will also be including texts like the Zola reading, the video on Mr. Selfridges and the Larocci reading to an extent to understand the idea of how the department store brought everything that is a part of the city inside a store and how does the modern day mall reflect the same? Here, I will be addressing the innovations that the modern day mall uses to generate a sense of feeling that the mall is almost like a city in itself. I will also be exploring ideas about how the mall is an evolution of the department store, what are some of the common features?
Some sources I will be looking at :
Ladies’ Paradise by Zola – Reading is attached in the email
Friedberg Malls – Reading is attached in the email
The Department store- Development of the type by Clausen – Reading is attached in the email
Entangled urbanism : slum, gated community, and shopping mall in Delhi and Gurgaon by Sanjay Srivastava-
Shopping Malls in India: New Social ‘Dividing Practices’ by Malcolm Voyce-

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