BGP7730 Flows of Ideas Business Research Project BGP7730 Professional Development and Practice Research Methodology (LBPG5018) A…

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Template 2.1 : BGP7730 Flows of Ideas
Group Number : WB-1
Project Number & Name : D-1, Work from Home (WFH), Employee Productivity and Wellbeing: Lessons from COVID-19 and Future Implications
Research Problem
Justification for research problem (empirical and theoretical justification)
Deficiencies in Evidences
Research Questions
A Quantitative Study on Potential Impact of Work from Home to Employee’s Performance caused by Covid-19 in Australia
Employee’s performance is said to be one of the elements that play an important role in company’s overall performance. However, due to COVID-19, employees are forced to change from their normal working environment to Work from Home. With this sudden unprepared changes, numerous issues had been identified and is affecting employee’s performance. Therefore, for companies to achieve the ability to continuously perform financially, it is important to identify what is the issue cause by WFH and what is the relation of these issues with employee’s performance.
According to Waizenegger et al (2020), they mentioned that due to the pandemic, workers are forced to work from home which pushes them to use technologies in new ways to perform their work, engage with their colleagues, combined with added pressures of managing home environments and that may not be suitable for work purposes will significantly impact employee’s performance. According to Parker et al (2020), a study is conducted amongst 215 supervisors and managers and the result shows that majority of them do not trust their employee when they worked from home as 38% agreed that remote workers perform worse from home than they do from office and 22% of them are unsure. Again, as per Smith (2019), lack of trust from the management towards their employees can resulted in the practice of micromanagement and this may trigger a vicious cycle such as employees pulling back thus resulted in decreasing of employee’s performance. Finally, according to Behesti (2019), she mentioned USA companies recorded a loss of $550 billion a year due to employee’s disengagement.
According to Unsworth (2020), he mentioned that there are little to no past research being carried out on various behavioral, societal and organizational aspects of Covid 19. Hence it is important to conduct research on what is the potential negative impact that will cause by having employee working from home.
Quantitative Research Does working from home have a positive relation with the increase of management exerting lack of trust behavior on their employee? Does companies’ management lack of trust behavior have positive relation with employee’s performance? Does employee’s working environment (home) have relationship with their performance?

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