Be More Research Focused

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Session overview Session Title: Be More Research Focused
Welcome to your learning on this As we are off campus due to the Covid-19 closure for this session we will be working with you in online mode. In order to work well online, it is essential that you complete all of the following steps. Some activities you will be able to complete in your own time before and after a specified period of time but other tasks will require you to be online for a ‘live’ period so that you feel supported and feel port of a thriving learning community. Both livc and non live activities contribute to your overall learning experience and activities to help you engage with your learning will be set for you by your tutors.
Key topic focus: To begin to reflect on suitable research methodologies
The research process both in terms of identifying a good research question and the methods by which this may be answered are explored with students assessing their own strengths and weaknesses in relation to successfully completing a research project or to using research in consulting practice. At the end of this session students will be expected to identify their research topic, and start formulating their research question in preparation for their research in the final unit. They will make a series of provisional choices related to their research and reflect on those choices.
Step 1— Read the Session Learning Outcomes 1. To understand the purpose of research in a business environment. 2. To develop a series of ideas for own research project. 3. To practise pitching a research idea.

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