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Assignment B – Checklist
 To pass this assignment, you will need to have produced a lesson that would achieve its stated
aims and fit into the time available.
 Numbers in the checklist show the 6 items you need to submit.
 Use the numbers and headings on the templates provided.
 Check that you have covered the following:
1. PPP Grammar Lesson Table
– Complete this table to help you plan how to teach your lesson. Submit your
completed table with the other items.
2. Lesson Plan and Paragraph
Appropriate use of PPP procedure to produce an effective grammar lesson, including:
– A warmer/lead-in to begin the lesson
– The three PPP stages including examination of MFP with a timeline and concept
questions to check understanding.
– Make sure you include presentation, controlled practice and freer practice stages.
– A final plenary stage to consolidate understanding, review errors and draw the lesson
to a close
– Paragraph: (In the space provided after the lesson plan). Explain and justify your
choice of materials, aids and teaching activities.
– Lesson pitched at appropriate level: The lesson should be appropriate for teenagers
(14-16 years old) of the nationality you have chosen at elementary (A2) level.
3. Materials and Aids
– Copies of any visuals, flashcards, worksheets, etc. you would use.
– Materials you will use are listed in the appropriate section of the lesson plan
– If you submit more than one item for this section, please label them, e.g.,
3. Materials A, 3. Materials B, etc.)
© 2020 The TEFL Academy. All rights reserved. 2
4. Teacher Language
(This is so we can assess your language grading and eliciting and concept checking skills.)
A separate document entitled “Teacher language” that shows the actual words (direct speech in
dialogue form) you will use for:
a) eliciting the target language in the presentation stage. You will need to include
some predicted student responses.
b) instructions to one activity
5. Board Plan (Not a PowerPoint presentation)
– Document showing what you would write on the board during the presentation stage.
6. Bibliography
– Provide references for any pictures or teaching ideas you have found elsewhere. (At
least three references)

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