Assessment 4

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Assessment Type: Individual Reflection Report- 2,00 words. Purpose: The individual reflection report allows you to evaluate your knowledge and skills in the course. It is designed to encourage you to take ownership of your learning, performance and outcomes. This assessment contributes specifically to teaming outcomes a, b, c and d. Value: 30% Due Date: 5:00 pm Friday of Week 11 Assessment topic: Course Topic Reflection Assignment Submission. Upload to Turnitin through Moodle. Task details: You are to write a Reflective Journal on: 1. how the readings, class activities, discussions observations and lectures have changed how you communicate at work or life 2. the things your assignment group did well or not so well, and consider what you could do to Improve In future group work 3. how you will go from here to become a better communicator Assignment Format A title page — Individual KOl cover sheet, signed. No Abstract or Executive Summary or table of contents Is required. This report should have a heading and two or more Sub headings for each topic. The written text should be right and loft Justified and double spaced throughout. Please use a single column fonnat.
A minimum of seven scholarly references in the Harvard Anglia style are required In order to pass this assessment. However, for a high mark. you,. need to use many more scholarly references. Only one internal twww, resources will allow.. It Is very important that you assess the interne! resource used for Single soaeod. tont Times New Roman 12p1. Cal.. 11 pt or Arial lOpt. You aro encouraged to use headings and sub-headings along with the use of a iable in this assignment. Tumtia
Assignment Alm. You can check the assessment’s similarity by submit, it to Tara,. prior to the due date. However. you cannot make a roar…atop after the due dale.

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