Assessment 4: Cloud design and deployment

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9:22 PM –4G+33APICASIA PACIFICINTERNATIONAL COLLEGEAssessment 4: Cloud design and deploymentDue date:Week 12Group/individual:GroupWord count/Time provided: 2500 wordsWeighting:30%Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2, ULO-3, ULO-4, ULO-5Assessment 4 DetailIn this task, you must work as a group to test your ability of launching, resizing, managing,and monitoring an Amazon EC2 instance.Fill the following table with the information related to all member of your group:Sn. NoAPIC Student IDFirst NameLast Name1{Student-ID1)FirstName-1)(LastName-1)2Student-ID2){FirstName-2){LastName-2)Table 1: Group InformationRequired Tasks
Launch a web server instance with termination protection enabled (Student-ID1) (35Marks)
Monitor Your EC2 instance (Student-ID2) (15 Marks)
Modify the security group that your web server is using to allow HTTP access(Student-ID2) (15 Marks)
Resize your Amazon EC2 instance to scale (Student-ID2) (10 Marks)
Explore EC2 limits (Student-IDI) (10 Marks)
Test termination protection (Student-ID2) (7.5 Marks)
Terminate your EC2 instance (Student-ID2) (7.5 Marks)Duration:This assessment should be completed in 2 hoursIn your report, you must provide screenshots and analysis to demonstrate the steps youfollowed during the process of conducting the required tasks.Task 1: Launch Your Amazon EC2 Instance (Student-ID1)Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)Step 2: Choose an Instance TypeStep 3: Configure Instance DetailsStep 4: Add StorageStep 5: Add TagsSydneyLevell artwia SteelParramatta NSW 250Phone62552100Email programanicolendumapicogedeMelbourne399 Lei StedMetoume VICIPhone 51 33 55Emait

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