Assessment 1: Research Project Proposal

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outcomes Assessment 1: Research Project Proposal
Due date: Week 14 via Turnitin Weighting: 100% Word count: 2,000 words (an allowance of + or — 10% may be made) Instructions:
You are required to write a 2000-word research proposal on a research topic of your choice refined after consultation with your module tutor. A list of research areas will be available as part of your learning materials. Your chosen topic must be in line with your course pathway and subject specialisation. Your research proposal must have all requisite sections detailed in the proposed structure below.
Proposed Structure:
Below is the proposed structure of your proposal:
Title Introduction/Background to the Project
Research Rationale with justification(s)
Project Aim and Objectives
A clear and concise introduction to the research topic and its relevance to the organisational aid/or theoretical context.
A balanced and logical rationale for proposing the research informed by literature as well as organisational information needs.
A clear aim and SMART objectives for how the aim will be achieved.
20 Marks
Literature Review
A robust and well-informed review of up-to-date literary
sources that underpin the theoretical foundations of the topic.
40 Marks
A clear theoretical and conceptual framework that is supported by literature and can realistically be employed
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