Assessment 1 – Business Plan

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Assessment 1 – Business Plan (max. 10,000 words)
Proposed structure
Title page (complete with business name, logo and strapline; Names & P-Numbers of all team members)
Executive summary – (approx. 1000 words)
Problem/opportunity statement
Brief description of product/service being proposed
Summary of market/industry analysis
Summary of key competitors
Summary of funding sources and financial projection
Main body of report (approx. 7500 words)
Note: Evidence of appropriate primary and secondary research will be expected throughout the report
Table of contents
Clear description of the problem/business opportunity
Clear description of the business idea + business model
Detailed description of how the proposed business is linked to specific SDG(s) 
Industry analysis & SWOT analysis
Competitor analysis (including direct and indirect competitors)
Marketing plan – including who are your customers? What will make them buy from you? 
Operating plan (including location, staffing requirements/HR, Intellectual property (IP))
Financials – pricing model+ profit and loss accounts (3-year projections) + cash flow statements (3-year monthly projections) 
Critical Success Factors (CSF) and risk management
Future development (growth/exit strategy)
Conclusions & Recommendations – (approx. 1500 words)
References + Bibliography (Harvard – Cite Them Right style throughout). Check Section 4.13 for guidance.
Appendices –e.g. tables; graphs; pictures/diagrams of product/prototype; other supporting information e.g. flyers, social media pages, business card samples etc…

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