assess the marketing environment

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Assessment 2: Marketing Report
Part A (Individual) 15%
Students are to assess the marketing environment for an assigned product category within the FMCG range of products: coffee beverage which consumers prepare and drink at home.
You are to conduct a situation analysis, identify potential opportunities and threats and categorise competitors in this market.
This is an individual assignment, and you will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the relevant concepts of marketing, analyse the market to identify opportunities and threats and research the competitors in the market. Research and correct use of reference materials; and quality writing skills are also expected.
Assessment Details (as per MB123 Subject Outline)
Students are to assess the marketing environment for an assigned product category within the FMCG range of products. The product category will be assigned by the lecturer.
Specifically, each student needs to:
Conduct a situation analysis of the business climate for the product category of coffee purchased to prepare and drink at home by consumers. Your situation analysis should include an analysis of the macroenvironmental forces using the PESTLE framework and considering current consumer trends (refer to the resource on Canvas under Subject Resources, and attached here).
Identify potential opportunities and threats for any brands which are marketing this product category, given the macroenvironmental forces at work.
Classify the various competitors according to their product offerings, such as features, product range (type, size, flavour), brand names, quality level and packaging. (Note: product images may be included).
Length: 1,000 – 1,500 words +/- 10% excluding title page, executive summary, table of contents, images, graphs, references, and appendices.
Format: minimum 11-point font in Times New Roman or Calibri, with 2cm margins and 1.5 spacing.

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