assess the health of given population

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SA2: A practical exercise on data search and extraction to assess the health of given population
(max 1,000 words)
In this coursework you are asked to produce a briefing for a meeting of the senior staff in a public
health team regarding the epidemiological status of a health topic according to the available data in
the different surveillance systems that might apply.
Hence, using raw data from databases we learnt to use or from others databases you might come
across in your research, you need to produce 1,000 words the epidemiological status of the disease
/health issue you choose and supported by graphic aid.
At least two of the figures must be produced by you (condition for your SA2 to reach a 40% mark).
That means extracting the data and using excel to produce the figure.
Other figures might come from the search engines that produce the figure for you but require that
you input some specific parameters. In these cases you need to include the search strategy you applied
to get that figure. An example is presented in the next page.
Please avoid copy-pasting figures as they cannot be assessed as evidence that you have acquired any
skill relevant to this module.
Example on how to use graphic aid extracted from a search engine in SA2.
Figure 1: Proportion of children vaccinated against measles, 2012-2017
Selected European Countries
Coverage of measles vaccine in the UK
increased from 2012 from 92% to 93% in one
year and it was sustained until 2015 when a
significant drop to 92% happened from 2016
onwards. Although fluctuations have been
observed for the WHO European region too,
UK has keep lower coverage during these five
years. Differences are not easy to explain in
terms of the income or level of development
of a country in Europe: As the graph shows
both UK and Iceland showed a much lower
— WHO European Region – Albania – Iceland
United Kingdom
coverage of this vaccines compared to Albania (figure 1).
Figure 1 source and pathway for figure production
Source: European Health Information Gateway Health for All
explorer. At:
Parameters selected:
Indicators: Proportion of children vaccinated against measles
(HFA database]
• Countries: Albania, Iceland and UK
• Average value: WHO European Region
• Period: last five years
Type of graph: Line chart
The box with the description of source and pathway to produce the figure does not count
towards the assignment behalf the text or as an annex.
Whatever you consider improves readability while keeping a professional presentation.

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