Artificial Intelligence in various applications

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Title- Artificial Intelligence in various applications used across industries 2
Rationale 2
Problem Domain 2
Purpose justification 2
Supervisor approval- Yes 2
Research Question 2
Conceptual framework 2
Methodology 2
Analysis of information sources 2
Research method 2
Data collection 2
Project plan 2
Deliverables 2
Work breakdown structure 2
Risk analysis 2
Duration 2
Gantt Chart 2
References 2
Title- Artificial Intelligence in various applications used across industries
Problem Domain
Artificial Intelligence has been a revolutionary technology and is finding application in various application across different industries (Hussain, 2018). It comprises of various tools and techniques and industries need to be specific about which tool or technique suits their purpose. AI can be applied to different industries in various ways (Makridakis, 2017). The main concern is figuring out how this can support the dynamic operations of the different sectors. Implementation of AI without prior market research will land the firm in trouble. AI implementation will mean being particular about training the staffs as well. Thus, much is linked to AI and thus its needs to be researched on.
Purpose justification
The study will make an attempt to figure out how AI in various applications can be made use of across industries. In order to do so there is a need to discuss all the applications of AI with respect to different industries and then go on to discuss on the various advantages or disadvantages of the same. AI is a new technology and it can be said that its implementation in any organization will require considering the views and opinions of the workforce; their cooperation is certainly needed to be successful (Sterne, 2017). The paper will try to find out how AI applications can help in operations of different industries and how people from different industries are accepting the technology of AI.
Supervisor approval- Yes
Research Question
The research questions are:
What are the various applications of AI in different industries?
This question will help to figure out the various applications of AI with respect to different industries.
How tough or easy is it for the industries to implement AI tools and techniques?
This question will help to get an understanding the different strategies being undertaken by different industries when implementing AI.
What are the security related concerns when implementing AI?
This will help to understand the significance of AI in addressing security concern and also if using technologies are making the industries vulnerable to any threats.
Conceptual framework
AI can be said to be revolutionizing the way in which humans live and do their things. It is helping in learning, reasoning as well as self-correcting and has become a master with all of its varied applications. It is because of AI that data has become more efficient. As it is that the businesses have become data driven and major concern is handling this data (Sterne, 2017). AI tools and techniques are being used extensively in almost all fields and every other busines is trying to implement it (Sterne, 2017). AI is a useful technology but the applications can enhance the operations of the industries only if these are implemented well. The main sectors where the applications of AI will be reviewed are:
AI in healthcare
AI in business
AI in education
AI in autonomous vehicles
AI in social media
AI in tourism
Analysis of information sources
The articles that will be used in the research will be reviewed based on their sources. The sources of the articles will be Google Scholar, Web of Science, University library and so on. No blog posts or Wikipedia information will be made use of. Every information will be cited well using APA referencing so that one can easily check on the article if he or she feels like. Even to make it easier for the readers DOI as well as URL of the articles will be given. Amongst all the available results obtained for the search, those will be selected which will have the keywords (Mohajan, 2018). This will ensure that the content of the articles being used is relevant to the subject of the research.
Research method
The main aim of the study will be to figure out the various applications of AI in different industries. The secondary sources will be ranked and themes identified to make it easy to seek answer to the research questions. The literature that will be reviewed will form a strong base for the work and serve as a guide for the entire research.
Data collection
For collecting data, University library will be made use of. The data will be obtained from IEEE database, Web of Science, Google Scholar and other such sources (Wirtz, Weyerer & Geyer, 2019). The articles used will fall in the time range 2017 to 2021. There will be no use of patents and citations in the work. The articles used will be checked for ready availability in pdf format. The articles that will be chosen will be mostly free ones so that the cost of the research is kept on check. Cost is one of the main constraints when carrying out a research and thus this has been though of. But the quality of the materials will not be compromised with for sure.
Project plan
The main deliverable of the research project will be a PowerPoint presentation, journal synopsis and lastly final report. Thereafter, the final report will provide the review analysis of the information in a structured manner. The PowerPoint presentation will be highlighting the key findings of the research. The risk register and risk matrix will also be provided for the identified risks. This will help understand the risks in a better way and their impacts as well will be clear.
Work breakdown structure
Figure 1: WBS
Risk analysis
Types of risk
Risk Impact
Inadequate planning
A compact plan needs to be developed in the beginning of the research project.
Sentence errors and formatting errors
Need to be particular about proof reading
Flaws in data collection
Sorting of the journals and allotting proper ranking.
Table 1: Risk analysis
Week -1 and 2
Topic selection and then collection of journals
Week 3
Selecting the best 12 papers
Week 4
Completing the key attributes
Week 5
Designing the overall model
Week 6
Detailed analysis of 6 papers
Week 7
Detailed analysis of 12 papers
Week 8
Current best solution and state of the art with explanation
Week 9-10
Discussion written
Week 11
Draft final report
Week 12
Final report
Week 13
Journal Synopsys
Week 14
Gantt Chart
Gantt chart
(Source: created by author)
Hussain, K. (2018). Artificial Intelligence and its Applications goal. Artificial Intelligence, 5(01).
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