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ODA 006 | Application for Exemption from Duty | June 2020 1 of 2
Application for Exemption from Duty
ƒ This form is to be used only by a non-profit organisation having as one of its objects a charitable, benevolent,
philanthropic or patriotic purpose
ƒ If approved, your exemption status will be reviewed every three years from the date of issue and you must
advise Revenue NSW anytime a change occurs to your organisation’s circumstances
Client ID*
*If you are already registered with Revenue NSW for another tax or duty, use your existing client ID.
Applicant’s details and postal address (All correspondence will be sent to this address)
Applicant’s name ABN
Building name Floor number
Unit number Suite
Street number Street name
Suburb/Town State Postcode
GPO/PO Box no. Suburb Postcode
DX number DX location
Contact name Daytime phone number ( )
Type of exemption
What type of exemption are you applying for:
Motor Vehicle Registration Duty
Insurance Duty
Grounds for exemption
Why you are applying for an exemption from duty? e.g. promotion of education, relief of poverty, etc.
Is the organisation listed as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)?
Yes  Complete and submit this application form to Revenue NSW. You do not need to provide any further
No  Submit the following documentation with this application when lodging with Revenue NSW:
1. Your organisation’s Constitution and/or Memorandum and Articles of Association or proof of
incorporation under the Associations Incorporations Act, including the organisation’s rules.
This must show the organisation’s objectives and non-profit status. All documentation must be
signed and dated and should support the date you are requesting the exemption to start from.
2. Details of the day to day activities and services provided by the organisation.
ODA 006 | Application for Exemption from Duty | June 2020 2 of 2
Under the Taxation Administration Act 1996, it is an offence to give false or misleading information.
I declare that all information provided is true and correct in every particular.
declared at on
Relevant legislation under the Duties Act 1997
ƒ Motor Vehicle Registration Duty  See section 267 (2)
ƒ Insurance Duty  See section 259 (1)(c) and (d)
Privacy statement
Information collected from you on this form is required by Revenue NSW to determine if you have a liability or entitlement.
The information may be provided to third parties with your consent or as required or permitted by law. Revenue NSW will
correct or update your personal information at your request. Read more about privacy at
Contact details
1300 139 817* (Monday – Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm) *Interstate clients please call (02) 7808 6900 Help in community languages is available
Postal address
GPO Box 4042
Sydney NSW 2001
DX Number
DX 456 Sydney
© State of New South Wales through Revenue NSW, 2018. This work may be freely reproduced and distributed for most
purposes, however some restrictions apply. Read the copyright notice at or contact Revenue NSW.

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