Anger, Hostility, and Aggression

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Case Study, Chapter 11, Anger, Hostility, and Aggression
1 A confused elderly male who resides in a nursing horne has a primary diagnosis of dementia. The client is 6 feet tall and has a large frame VVhile sitting in the residents’ dining room eating lunch, he becomes annoyed with the noisy verbal disturbance caused by another resident. He yells at the resident telling her to be quiet. A visitor to the nursing horne places her hand over the client’s mouth, in an effort to stop his yelling. He is startled by this action and responds by striking the visitor in the jaw. The visitor reports the incident to the nurse and shares, 1 don’t understand why he hit me like that.• (Learning Objectives: 1.2. 3, and 5, a Why did the client react aggressively by striking out at the visitor’s action? b What behaviors and indicators or cues should the nurse assess for in the client who displays anger inappropriately?

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