analysis of the transcript of one online interview

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Assessment details
Assessment: 3,000 word (excluding reference list and appendix) research report based on an analysis of the transcript of one online interview conducted by the student.
Guidelines: The interview transcript derives from one online interview that the student will carry out themselves. Students develop a topic/question they have devised themselves. Whatever topic they choose, the student must first discuss their ideas and seek approval from the module leader/tutors. The final decision on the suitability of the topic/question will rest with the module leader/tutors. No data must be collected without first having obtained written approval of the module tutors.
The transcript will be analysed using one of three qualitative methods, namely, Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Constructivist Grounded Theory or Narrative Analysis. It is suggested that the following sections be used for the report:
Backeround: Brief background to your research topic plus an explicitly stated research question
Method: Study design & choice of analytical technique, participant information, development of research tools the findings section should present…
for IPA reports: 2 themes .2 Gems (not a mix) for Constructivist Grounded Theory reports: 2 categories for Narrative Analysis reports: 2 narrative acts
for all reports the findings should contain supporting extracts and analytical commentary of those extracts.
Conclusion: Summary of key points & their relevance to research question qoivify,: Reflexive critique of study References: Appropriately and consistently formatted in APA 7th style Copy of the interview transcript (without annotations) NOTE: 1. You p0 NOT need to submit the study to an ethics committee 2. You DO NOT need to include an introduction section or a discussion section in the report ••1Nhere students use IPA to analyse their data, they will have the option of writing the findings section In either a traditional thematic format in a ‘Gem’ format. NOTE: If you have not done any qualitative work before It is advised that you choose the thematic formai.

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