an understanding of a pro-active approach

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• Demonstrate an understanding of a pro-active approach in addressing ethical issues.Synthesize the facts and issues in the case and analyze the course of action taken by Starbucks.ACTIVITIESBrief DescriptionYou will complete two case studies over the course of the semester. These are to be completed individually. Each case study is found in the textbook and there are questions there to help guide yourresponse. Read the appropriate materials and find other resources beyond what is presented in the textbook.CEO, Kevin Johnson, was presented with a challenge when two African-American men were arrested in a Starbucks while waiting for an associate. The arrests led to negative backlash for Starbucks.Johnson personally addressed the issue and took several steps to change the culture and policies of the company. This case presents several key issues, including the link between ethical practices,mission and core values, unconscious bias in the workplace, and how a CEO’s actions impact the employeesSubmission InstructionsWrite a report about this case study. Each report should include an introduction and conclusion, should be 4-6 pages (double spaced), 2.54 cm margins (the default on MS Word), and 12 pts size. Thepaper should follow the APA guidelines for format and citationEvaluationAssignmentsExternal tools3 ForumsResourcesTurnitin AssignmentsCOURSE TOOLSGradeActivity/Competencies Demonstrated760Content710zooma. Identify the elements of the case studyMicrosoft Teams110b Evaluate the ethical elements in this case./15c. Support the paper with appropriate sources, including at least four academic sources (books or juried articles such as those found in the YU library)Learn more about Zoom and MSTeams/15d. Identify the impact of the CEOs action on all stakeholders/10e Make an argument for an alternative course of action the CEO could takePEOPLE125Communication710o Participantsa Uses language clearly and effectively/10b Information organized intelligently and holistically (e not simply answers to questions)15CALENDARc Proper introduction and conclusion to paper/15Attention to DetailAugust 2021/10a APA Formatting (title, headings & references)Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

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