An overview of the region

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ICMS page
Table of Contents
Executive summary 10%
Executive summary (Use past or present tense please. For example, ‘This report aims)
Excellently explains the purpose of the report
Excellently provides highlights for each of the following subdivision of the report:
Major Findings:
Major Conclusions: your interpretation of the findings
Major Recommendations: These must necessarily address the conclusions you made above
1. Introduction 10%
Excellently explains the purpose of the report, major issues to be discussed in the report and how they address the purpose of the report, including a clear report preview.
The introduction is written using the correct tense (future or present tense)
2. Finding 20% (Excellent theory integration)
2.1 An overview of the region
2.2 Analysis of current visitation and importance
2.3 Assessment of the current experiential offering
2.4 Evaluation of the current infrastructure in the region
For example, transport, accommodation…
2.5 Analysis of the current strategic tourism objectives for the region as a whole and for the specific destination selected.
3. Conclusion 20%
Provides comprehensive conclusions regarding gaps in the current experiential offering and identifies opportunities that are based on the findings.
4. Recommendation of potential business 20%
Provides a comprehensive recommendation of a tourism business that would fill the gap identified including specific target market/s; key relationships/partnerships; specific goals and measurement.
References 10% (Please use APA7th)

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