Aero Upgrade

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Aero Upgrade
Extra Miles
The technology is evolving, and the direction is towards a sustainable future. Gasoline, which has been the primary source of helping us commute, might soon be history and Electric Vehicle (EV) will soon be the present. However, the idea of driving an EV on a long route still haunts us. The miles that they give on a single charge might be lesser than the distance to our destination.
So, we will be interested in driving extra miles in our EV.
Welcome to the next generation power upgrade for your car!
Aero Upgrade provides you a complete solution to recharge your car’s battery with the wind that your car resists while you drive it. Our principle is simple but effective; upgrade your vehicle with our aero device and drive your vehicle the way you have always been. Our aero device (turbine) rotates with the blowing wind and generates electricity which can be stored in a capacitor and can increase your vehicle’s efficiency for extra mile.

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