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Where/when: Submit via Turnitin link on LEO (below) by 4pm Tuesday 8th June.
The Turnitin link will be available for access after the due date/time. However, if you submit after 4pm Tuesday 8th June, a late penalty will be applied, and your marks adjusted (unless you make a successful SC or EXTN application). If you submitted a file before the due date/time, you will NOT be able to upload another file after the due date/time. Weighting: 35% of your final grade for BIOL121 Format: A series of questions relating to a case study are provided. These questions must be answered in the form of an essay.
Instructions, and documents containing the case studies and accompanying questions are provided in the link below this one. The marks each question is worth are clearly indicated in these documents. 5 of 35 marks are allocated for writing style as per the marking criteria included in the instruction document. If you require help with academic writing, in particular conventions you should adhere to when writing an academic essay, please refer to the Academic Skills Unit LEO site.
Word count: 1200 words (+10%)
Penalties will be applied to submissions of more than 1320 words. Markers will not read beyond 1450 words.
General information: All health professionals need to be able to communicate and justify their work to a non-specialist audience, which may comprise those involved in policy-making decisions as well as the general public. As you will be aware, the health sciences are often poorly represented by the media. There are plentiful examples of reporting that may be sensationalistic, misleading, biased (e.g. on vaccine safety), inaccurate (e.g. many media sources seem to view the words bacteria and viruses as interchangeable), or all four. Hence, there is a need for, and a potential career in, good writing and communication in the health professional arena.
This assessment involves addressing a series of generic questions in the form of an essay. The questions relate directly to the case studies presented. Key points to note are below:
• Your answers must be incorporated into sentences and paragraphs that include facts from the case study. • All answers must be specific for the person in the case study; marks will not be given where your essay does not relate to the person in the case study. • The answers to the questions in the case study must be integrated into an essay, which should include an appropriate introduction and conclusion; no marks will be given for ‘quality of essay’ if a question-answer style is presented. • You can present the information in the order that you feel flows best; you don’t have to present it in the order of the questions. • The information you present must be synthesised from reliable sources (e.g. peer-reviewed articles in the scientific and clinical research literature, and textbooks). • Care must be taken in all aspects of the essay, including spelling and grammar.
Do I need to reference my case study essay? Yes, you must include appropriate in-text citations and a reference list in APA style (7th edition). Penalties will be applied as per the marking criteria for inadequate and/or incorrect referencing. You can find resources to assist you with correct APA referencing on the Academic Skills Unit LEO site.
Academic misconduct: Take special care to avoid plagiarism. Use of the text matching software “Turnitin” has been approved to assist in the avoidance and detection of plagiarism. We remind you that all students are bound by the ACU Academic Integth and Misconduct Policy. Your submitted work MUST be prepared by you alone and expressed in your own words. Students whose submissions demonstrate a high degree of similarity to another source, student submission, or previous submission of their own will be investigated according to the ACU Academic Misconduct Procedures.

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