Academic Integrity Declaration

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(Assessment 3)
Reflective Report
Student Name
Learning Facilitators/Lecturers:
Reza Foroughi
Timothy Reynolds
2021 (Trimester 1B)
Academic Integrity Declaration
I/we declare that except where I/we have referenced, the work I am/we are submitting in this attachment is my/our own work. I/we have read and am/are aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure viewable online at I am/we are aware that I/we need to keep a copy of all submitted material and their drafts, and I/we will do so accordingly.
Executive Summary
Not included in your word count.
Table of Contents
A brief outline of what your report is about. Link this into your Conclusion.
Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle
Very brief outline on what it is and how it relates to your report. Demonstrate your understanding of Kolb’s learning cycle.
Reflective Observation (what you have learned – not what you have done)
Drawn from entries recorded in learning journal most relevant to you
Need to show vulnerability here
Most relevant parts of course for you (key concepts and skills acquired during course)
Do not list what you have done. What did you know before studying FoIS and what do you know now (make sure to use module terminology here)
Abstract Conceptualisation (what new knowledge have you gained in response to exercises) Tie this into your learnings from FoIS.
Reflect at a deep level here. Think about your personal beliefs. How have your beliefs changed?
Were there any feelings of regret and discomfort? (vulnerability)
What motivates you to achieve?
What was it about the course that was most beneficial to you and your personal development
Was there anything in this subject that challenged the way you think?
How has this changed your perceptions (of ways of working, of others you work with)? 
Active Experimentation (what do you plan to do with this new knowledge)
   Set yourself new goals for the future
Reflect at a deep level here.
How has this subject changed your thinking or behaviour (compared to your thinking or behaviour prior to studying this subject)?
What are your plans for the future in relation to IS based on what you have learnt?
Will you take on further studies in this area to lead you to a work interest in the future?
Is there something (skills) you now want to improve or build on to help you in the future?
Were there new skills/knowledge gained from this subject or increased knowledge that has encouraged you to improve on.
Wrap up your report in a clear and concise way. This should not be more than half a page, 1 to 2 paragraphs.
Not included in word count
Must be in alphabetical order
Not number references
APA 7th Edition Referencing Style
This is not included in your word count
Journal of learning activities from modules 1.1 to 5.2
You can choose how you present your journal but the format must be consistent.
Either use the example provided in the assessment brief or you can use the example below.
Save drafts and sources used to prepare this assessment as well as your notes and any sources you used to draw on in preparing it.
Please submit ONE WORD DOCUMENT (.doc or .docx) via the MIS500 Assessment 3 Section found in the Main navigation menu of the MIS500 Blackboard Site.
This Assessment should be 1500 words (+/-10%)
The Cover Page, Academic Integrity Declaration and References are not included in the word count.
Save file with the correct naming convention: subject code_ M#_ surname_ first name initial_ assessment title:
e.g. MIS500_M2_Jones_S_Research Report
Extensions will be considered only in extenuating circumstances where the student has
applied before the due date. At that point, students are required to provide the latest draft,
in case the extension is not granted.
Students are responsible for keeping appropriate back-ups and drafts of their assignments
and to submit the correct version. Torrens University Australia policies apply to the
preparation and submission of this assignment.
Learning Facilitators will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

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