AC7027 managing health improvement

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AC7027 managing health improvement through social marketing
Assessment Hints and tips
A 3,000 word written structured proposal for a health improvement social marketing intervention that critically analyses management implications and the application of social marketing for health.
This is not just an essay that discusses social marketing and its application in public health.
 It is a proposal for a social marketing intervention that you decide. Imagine you are working in a public health service and you are asked to write a proposal for a social marketing intervention to tackle a local public health issue. This should be an intervention that is promoting a behaviour change that   is focussed on an appropriate  topice.g. smoking/ obesity/ screening , and  target audience e.g. women of a certain age/ patients with a particular condition etc. You must decide.
Do not forget that social marketing is all about behaviour change so make sure the topic/ target audience can easily relate to the behaviour change you want to take place. Think about the aims and objectives of your intervention and be SMART (specific measurable achievable realistic and time related).
For example.
You want to develop an intervention where the behaviour change you want to promote with the target audience is attending for a smear test.  The target audience you have identified are women aged 30-45 living in Newcastle. Therefore the aim of your proposal would be:-
A Proposal for a social marketing intervention that encourages women aged between the ages of 30 and 45 living in Newcastle to attend for a smear test in the next 12 months.
Rather than
Proposal for a social marketing intervention that promotes cervical screening.
The assignment should be structured as a report not written in an essay format.
 Think about the following issues:-
1.            First choose a health improvement/ health service  topic and target audience to be the focus of your social marketing intervention
2.            What is the behaviour change that your intervention will be encouraging?
3.            Decide ona social marketing  planning model/ tool/ framework that you will use to help structure your work e.g. TPP
4.            Consider the key social marketing concepts e.g. marketing mix/exchange theory/ segmentation etc. that you need to make sure you discuss and decide where thebest place for this critically discussion should take place- this may depend on the modelabove chosen.
5.            Present the stages of your plan based on model used and apply to your chosen example
6.            Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using a social marketing approach.
7.            Include a final concluding paragraph summarising your work

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