a team responsibagy structure

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to rascansbarty and commitment Due to MO imbalance to won.. aloducc amongst the group mambos. the sense of tesponith,k,e4 each Inclanclual was not enough 10 OtitleW IM expected group Standard. A study was done on the affects of implernart, a team responsibagy structure tFigUte I) explarrung -the CfrvIStOn of pb regutabon tasks between the team ballet and team members( de Sdler. den HertOg and Dankbaart The results revealed that although there was no emponcal evidence on the COttelel van between team respons,brity structure and team perfOrrnance (BenderS. Hurrgen and Pekruhl, 1999, a hcher personal commrtment was reported rn the team that nmulemented the structure Hen., we should have established gas structure to strengthen ouf serf-commtment and the oWiAy to rely on each Other (Oootewaard. Van HOOtegern and tif,Y5. 2002)
On the other ha., the sooal critena describe the mindset tr. which we percerve each otter, otherwise known as edgnment (Davey. 2013, The lack of aignment n our team resulted in a bw level of mil,. For thfs reason my group members were more mired to leave the workshop. Pus,ng most of the workload to lee opal m ye. t. As the leader of the team, n is my respororba, to ensure this does not happen M fmPlementrng a trans./malarial eadershp style to buitcl a more )nohow. errnronment The est.:shad won, ethic can help -strategcaly enveron and encckrage corrrnrtment towards the Prolect veto, (Bass and Avoto. 19.95..31. Hwang and Joo. 20, whde treeing crn.Y wane, the group to avoid arty W.en on specific members. When executed correct,. ognment develops ncevOuat analytical thritung, though stet work, towards a common goal (Dayey. 2013)
As Oa. Serves menooned. ‘Keep k ,mple. Sturm, (Selves. 202, mean, …son making and teamwork shall not be overcompbcaleo Instead. we should attempt the Crazy-Oulbng FfrnOPte of ‘clernefwg tzfent from dnerent drverse bacterartda” Marren, 2001) and us, them to the groupS boned Howemc the can onty tuncton I al -pennon are watwg to one precommarnents” Aiumrt 20.7, On, then pn the woup continue to grow IcwanttS S.CeSs rt favour d everyCrwa
Conclusierc For the nod., I fewnsd that lead… does not on, rwc4, god, a own towerds a but a )1 veal, charging yours. for the teneht of ahem Ahweg rny srork hams so Owl e can at wee web others. a a pwotal meth. to create rckervey so that mut.

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