A new tourist experience is about to be launched

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A new tourist experience/activity is about to be launched worldwide (when things go back to normal!). The
activity is an underwater submarine tour where a sub-marine is towed behind a boat which pulls the submarine
over a coral reef. Four guests at any one time will be able to view the spectacular underwater world without having
to know how to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or breathe differently. Guests will experience the sensation of going
underwater and having water splash over a 7 & ½ ( 20 cm) inch acrylic dome that sits on top of the submarine,
before then being towed and going to a depth of 30 – 50 feet (approx. 9 metres to 14 metres) underneath the
ocean’s surface. In what is seen as an environmentally sensitive design feature, the submarine will be tied to a
boat by a 160 foot (approx. 45 metre) tow rope. The four guests will be hosted by a guide, who sits in a pilot style
seat in the submarine. The submarine guide will educate the guests on the corals and fish they encounter
The length of the trip will be about 20 minutes inside the submarine, and around 60 minutes on the boat that is
tethered to the submarine. The tourism experience will be launched initially in a South East Pacific Country,
before spreading to other tropical destinations around the globe. In total, looking at some 60 locations within the
next 8 years.

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