a great amount of effort

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Answering all questions with a great amount of effort; adding appropriate comments; thoughtful, reflective, and demonstrates student understands key concepts; uses examples when appropriate; concretely connects with the original posting.
Clear reference to assignment.  
1. Please complete your preferred power type and share your scores. Which forms of power do you consider to be the strongest? Which type of power do you currently have in your workplace (current or previous)?
2. What was the most effective influence tactic have you used? Please share your experience. 
3. Please think about the last serious conflict you had. Which approach did you take to resolve it? Did your conflict resolution style work well?
4. “Leaders are born” or “Leaders are made”. Which statement made more sense to you? After you study the chapter content, how do you think about it?
5. Please consider the definition and characteristics of transformational leadership. Can you think of any potential “dark sides” of it? If so, what would it be?

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