a diversified family owned business

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Cunningham Holdings Limited is a diversified family owned business. For more information about the company see the company profile (link to company profile). The Company has embarked on a radical re-think in relation to how they do business aligned with their new Corporate vision “ Creating Sustainable Products and Services for Globally Connected Communities” The vision identifies key United Nations Sustainable Development goals into all planning activities for business innovation. The focus in creating sustainable products and services is underpinned by developing initiatives that:
Have a global Businessperspective
Leverage the power of data andinsights
Build leadership and managementskills
The CHL Hospitality subsidiary manages 300 hospitality venues located across Australia. The client base for CHL Hospitality varies from business travellers to families and the hospitailty venues provide varied accommodation, catering and leisure activities ranging from luxury to economy options. In Australia, CHL Hospitality manages four types of accommodation and classifies them as: Resort, Cottage, Classic and Comfort. The Resort and Cottage are upmarket brands. The Classic and Comfort are for family and budget conscious travellers. The Comfort was formerly a local budget motel chain that is a recent acquisition for CHL Hospitality and only has accommodation availabilities in New South Wales and Victoria. The CHL Hospitality pricing policy, allows each accommodation type to set their own price rate as long as it falls within the Subsidiary pricing guidelines. Hence, the rates within the accommodation brands maydiffers.
The focus in the coming months for Oscar Cunningham as the CEO of CHL Hospitality is to develop information and understanding to develop the following:

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