7BE001/UM2: Strategic Business Planning

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Assignment details
7BE001/UM2: Strategic Business Planning (Wol…
contained in a single word document. The
Harvard referencing system must be used and a
bibliography attached.
Item 1
Managers within a strategic business unit or
small organisation can make use of a variety of
strategic techniques ideas and tools as part of
the business planning process. Critically review
the value of the main tools that exist to
determine the most appropriate bases of
competitive advantage including Porter’s
thinking on generic strategies. (Indicative word
limit: no more than 1,500 words. Harvard
referencing convention must be applied).
Item 2
Produce a meaningful wiki contribution on any
business related topic of no more than the
equivalent of half a page of A4 paper. Include
links in your references to reliable other sources
for further reading (Indicative word limit: no
more than the equivalent of half a page of A4
paper. Harvard referencing convention must be
Item 3
Throughout your study of this module you will
be required to develop a robust checklist of
review issues that would be helpful in
conducting an analysis of a business plan.
(Indicative word limit: no more than the
equivalent of three pages of A4 paper). All
published sources used in developing your
checklist should be properly included in a set of
references and other sources.
Item 4
Follow the link below and you will find several
complete business plans. In the classroom
briefing you will be allocated one plan to
concentrate on. Critically analyse this document
using the checklist you have developed.
Comment in particular on the strengths and
limitations of the plan and the degree to which it
meets the needs of its target audience.
Indicative word limit: no more than 3,000 words
excluding appendices.
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