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For some examples project management blogs see: tittp://orojectne.today.com/2013-toP-25- project-management-blog.
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Requirements Each individual student is required to select one (1) peer reviewed journal article from the list of four (4) journal artides provided on project management leadership related to the course (see below). Each individual student is required to write a blog .tically analysing their selected journal article, including an introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion (approximately 1200-1500 words). The review should be supported by references from the literature, demonstrating wider reading and critical thinking (approximately 6-10 references).
In addition, each individual student will be required to review one other student’s blog ( .quexiarns w -1 0 wor er review). Reviews should providea deep amly.s of the noes of the ideas presented.
.1 (1) of the following articles:
• Cullen, C., & Leavy, B. (2017). The lived experience of project leadership ely coupled transient context. International Journal of Managing Projects in Busin 600-620. tittps://www.emerald.corn/insight/content/doi/10.1108/UMPB-10-2016- 0075/full/pdf?title=the-lived-experience-of-project-leadership-in-a-loosely-coupled -transient-context
anagement tools for agile teams. Informatics Economics, 21(4), 85-93. http://revistaie.ase.rolconten084/07%20-,20mihalache.Pcif
• Abulalqader, F. A., & Ali, A. W. (2018, November). Comparing Different Estimation Methods for Software Effort. In 2018 1st Annual International Conference on Information and Sciences (AiCIS) (pp. 13-22). IEEE. httos://ieeexplore.i.e.org/ie17/13630866/8640889/08640924..f?casa token=1zN2C1HtD kQAAAAA:SDvoHEUvs4- v2NutB2swUM3ii-mafGX6PpEGM7kucillaszAcifnUf9bQz31,252dtZw95SJix.DYQ • Zuofa, T., 8, Ochieng, E. G. (2017). Working separately but together: appraising virtual project team challenges. Team Performance Management: An International Journal. 23(5/6), 227-242. httos://www.emerald.corNinsight/content/doi/10.1108/TPM-06-2016- 0030/full/html?casa token=Fsv3edkoYVUAAAAA:wd8g0P0brWHsqT6tcq4CZA62Fg5N1 Va5du-5wD3Ci5atAAIDUHka3FKsDrte8xodsASm7heq3NbbDjfaN8JNHE8spKOedID-52oz5oechnBQZ5Rr317
A qualitcprojectinanegementblpg will be clearly articulated and professionally presented. It should demonstrate analysis, and a synthesis of content, knowledge, skills, and ideas acquired from lectures, tutorials and academic authors. It will include a well written introduction which catches the reader’s attention, sets the scope of the blog, indicates the aims of the blog, and provides an overall plan for the blog. The summary should include a brief outline of the main ideas of the pa.r. T. analysis should explain both the strengths and weaknesses of the key arguments and should be supported by evidence. The conclusion should revise the main ideas and include clear implications of your findings.

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