3-ply disposable surgical face masks

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Jasmine supplies 3-ply disposable surgical face masks of various colours to several sundry shops. On 1 January 2020, Jasmine wrote a letter to several of his regular customers and told them that she would be holding a sale for the face masks.
The letter stated that the face masks would be on sale with a discount of 3% from 19 – 21 January 2020. However, if they were to order more than 10 boxes, she would give them a discount of 5% instead. Each of his customers received this letter on 3 January 2020.
On 10 January 2020, Lily responded to Jasmine’s letter. She wrote a letter stating that she wanted to buy 15 boxes of face masks as advertised at the discount of 5%. However, she would not be able to pick it up nor pay for it until 31 January 2020 as she will be overseas at that time. Jasmine received this letter on 12 January 2020.
Jasmine wrote back on 14 January and assured her that the 15 boxes of face masks would be kept aside for her. However, Lily has changed her mind and wrote a letter to Jasmine that she does not want the boxes of face mask anymore. Jasmine received the letter on 15 January 2020.
On 19 January 2020, Lalitha (who had received Jasmine’s letter), entered Jasmine’s store. She saw a cardboard notice over the boxes of face masks display, stating that the prices displayed was before discount. The price displayed was RM15 for each box of black surgical masks.
Lalitha took two boxes of face mask and at the cashier, stated clearly that “I am buying this with the 5% discount.” She had calculated that the price would be RM28.50 after the 5% discount.
The cashier nodded and took the boxes of face mask, scanned it and keyed in a a 3% discount. The cash register did not display the price that was keyed in, and when the cashier asked for RM29.10, Lalitha refused to pay.
May Li had received Jasmine’s letter and was very excited. On 20 January 2020, she called Jasmine and stated her desire to buy 50 boxes of black, blue, green, and pink face mask. She then asked if she could have a 10% discount instead.
Unfortunately, the phone line was not clear. Jasmine had trouble hearing what May Li said and asked her to repeat it. May Li did, and Jasmine agreed but the phone line was disconnected at that point. May Li did not call Jasmine back, assuming that the latter had agreed. When the invoice was delivered, May Li only got a 5% discount. May Li is not satisfied and does not want to buy the face masks any longer.
Advise Jasmine whether she has a contract with Lily, Lalitha and May Li. Assume that the element of consideration, intention and capacity has been met. Answers must be supported by decided case in Malaysia and UK.
Under common law, if one party had agreed to make payment for his debt, full payment is required. Part payment cannot be construed as complete payment even though both parties have agreed to this. This is different in Malaysia.
Elaborate on the above statement by referring to decided cases and the Contracts Act 1950 Malaysia

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