1235 into octal representation

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Task Answer the following Questions Question 1 a) Determine the value of base x if (152)x = (6A)16 Please show all steps. b) Convert the followings: (Please show all steps) i) 0xBED into 3-base representation ii) 3217 into 2-base (binary) representation iii) 1235 into octal representation iv) 21.218 into decimal representation c) Given a (very) tiny computer that has a word size of 3 bits, what are the lowest value (negative number) and the highest value (positive number) that this computer can represent in each of the following representations? i) One’s complement ii) Two’s complement iii) Signed Magnitude Question 2. a) Are these two combinational circuits equivalent? Provide proof of your claim. b) Consider the following logic diagram of a combinational circuit where A and B are inputs and X is the output. Two 2-input AND gates, one 2-input OR gate, and two inverters are used in the circuit. It is possible to reduce some of the logic gates without changing the functionality of the circuit. Such component reduction results in higher operating speed (less delay time from input signal transition to output signal transition), less power consumption, less cost, and greater reliability. Construct a logic diagram of a circuit which does have the same function output. Please show the steps. c) Using basic Boolean algebra identities for Boolean variables x, y, and z, prove that Please show all steps and mention the identities used. MARKING CRITERIA; • Comprehension of data representation and application of computer math calculations; All calculations were correct. Appropriate mathematical symbols were used, and all steps/workings were shown. • Application of Boolean algebra and digital logic and interpretation of complex circuits; The Boolean expressions are correct and minimised. All steps are explained. Correctly mentioned the Boolean identities. All identities were mentioned accurately.

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